Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Nativity Story Quiz

Beliefnet asks:

How Well Do You Know the Nativity Story?

Some of the questions are a bit dubious, but it's worth doing so that you can enjoy some of the wacky multiple choice answers. If you give them the answers you think they want, it's quite easy to get fourteen out of fourteen. The quiz is up there as part of its Nativity Story movie coverage:

The Nativity Story 2006

The site includes clips, review, interviews and multimedia feature.


Anonymous said...

I got 13/14. I went for ox and ass!

Anonymous said...

14 out of 14, although I think Beliefnet goofed in giving a "'cousin" choice for John the Baptist.

Now, a quiz for all you Bible scholars--in The Nativity Story, what is Zechariah reciting when he is in the Temple?

Stephen C. Carlson said...

I got them all "correct," but there's a problem with Question 5, since it assumes that Jesus was born in a barn (something that Luke does not quite manage to claim).