Monday, December 11, 2006

Poirier vs. Tabor

Jack Poirier has a review of James Tabor's Jesus Dynasty online at the Jerusalem Perspective website:

Book Review: James Tabor’s The Jesus Dynasty
by Jack Poirier

And James Tabor has a response on his blog:

The James Ossuary and Pantera (Again!)

Update (Thursday, 15.36): Thanks to Jack Poirier (in comments to this post) for pointing out that he now has a response to Tabor published in the same context above, after a reproduction of Tabor's blog post.

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Anonymous said...


I now have a response to Tabor, tagged on to the end of his response, which in turn is also now tagged on to the end of my review at I kept it short, and I'm afraid it might be briefer than you were "looking forward to".