Sunday, January 14, 2007

Jack Bauer = Jesus?

This Dallas Morning News article celebrates the return of 24 tonight (in the US; UK viewers will have to wait a little longer) by drawing some parallels between Jack and Jesus. It's penetrating stuff, e.g. both have long hair and a beard:

[Spoiler alert: don't read on if you haven't seen the conclusion of the fifth season]

What would Jack do? Tune in to '24'
TV: Watch for a miracle as Christ-like parallels continue in premiere
As a shackled and guarded Jack Bauer shuffles off a transport plane eight minutes into tonight's season premiere of 24, one word comes to mind: Jesus. That's an observation, not an exclamation.

The counter-terrorist agent, his hair long and beard scraggly, is being released from the custody of Chinese authorities. He is bowed, his back crisscrossed with scars from torture. Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) has not spoken in the nearly two years since he was snatched by Chinese agents (in last season's finale).

Two years: His 40 days in the desert, so to speak.
You get the picture.


Whit said...

Unusually bad...

Bob D. said...

I, too, think the parallels between JC and JB were there, but quite thin - e.g., Jack must sacrifice himself for the sake of humanity.

I'm a big fan of 24, but was not impressed with the first two hours - D. B. Sweeney is unconvincing as the "new" President Palmer...

JoAnne said...

Silly comparison. I've been on a crash-watch of "24" since I discovered it last Fall. It's a great show, but he (Jack Bauer)has nothing to do with Jesus. I think the writer thought he might get someone to read his article with those two names in it.

Danny Zacharias said...

well if you do accept the parallels (and the Christ-figure runs through so much of cinema and literature, so why not?) then you may also notice at the end of episode 4 of the current season a Gethsemane scene- Jack is laying on the grass and leaning against a tree telling CTU that he can't do the job.