Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Neotestamentica latest

Thanks to Holger Szesnat for the note that the latest Neotestamentica is up: abstracts, two sample articles and all the book reviews:

Neotestamentica Volume 40 [2006], Issue 2

Ossom-Batsa, George
Bread for the Broken: Pragmatic Meaning of Mark 14:22-25
[pp. 235-258; abstract online; article online (PDF)]

Snyman, Andries H.
A Rhetorical Analysis of Philippians 3:1-11
[pp. 259-283; abstract online]

Smith, Kevin and Arthur Song
Some Christological Implications in Titus 2:13
[pp. 284-294; abstract online]

Strelan, Rick
'We Hear Them Telling in Our Own Tongues the Mighty Works of God' (Acts 2:11)
[pp. 295-319; abstract online]

Thiselton, Anthony C.
The Significance of Recent Research on 1 Corinthians for Hermeneutical Appropriation of This Epistle Today
[pp. 320-352; abstract online; article online (PDF)]

van Aarde, Andries
Ebionite Tendencies in the Jesus Tradition: The Infancy Gospel of Thomas Interpreted from the Perspective of Ethnic Identity
[pp. 353-382; abstract online]

Vos, Johan C.
The Destructive Power of Atonement Theology.
[pp. 383-401; abstract online]

Various Authors
Book Reviews
[pp. 185-226; all online (PDF)]

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