Friday, June 08, 2007

Faith and Works with Crossan, Wright and Others

I have recently been following with interest the new column in the Washington Post / Newsweek headed On Faith, which asks a controversial question and gets an array of contrasting expert views. This week's question is What's more important from a faith perspective? Being saved, or doing good works?. Three NT scholars on the panel have responses:

N. T. Wright: Start by Understanding Salvation
John Dominic Crossan: Both/And not Either/Or
Paula Fredriksen: Now or Later?

Fredriksen's is rather terse, just two or three sentences. All are quite interesting, though none will hold any surprises to those familiar with their work. The column is set up like a blog, so you can add your own comments into the debate.

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Bob MacDonald said...

Other papers have run similar opinions online - I forget which just now. I found there was too much volume to be able to engage fruitfully and there were many bizarre commenters. But the discussion may well be useful.