Friday, June 15, 2007

Syneidon Research Project

I'd like to mention the Syneidon Research Project, which is based at the University of Birmingham and describes itself in the following way:

Syneidon: A Non-technical Introduction to the Biblical Study of the Old and New Testaments
The work of Biblical scholars is usually published in specialist journals which, together with their highly technical language, remain inaccessible to the general public. SYNEIDON is dedicated to providing an accessible and non-technical introduction to the academic research of the Old and New Testament for everyone who wishes to widen their understanding and appreciation of these texts, regardless of faith or academic ability.
The creator is Richard Goode, a recent PhD from Birmingham, a student of David Parker, who I got to know well while I was in Birmingham. This new project looks really worthwhile. Helen Ingram, one of my former PhD students, who wrote on Jesus and Magic, is also involved in the project. There are already lots of useful resources available on the site, and they encourage you to get involved in their Forum. I am looking forward to seeing how this project develops, and I wish them all the best for its success.


Bob MacDonald said...

At least I learned a new word: maridly. But I am not sure what technical means. Nice site.

Anonymous said...

We are currently in the process of adding an RSS feed to the website, so please check back for updates over the next few days.

Whit+ said...
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