Thursday, March 06, 2008

BBC Passion Screen dates

There are details of the screen dates for The Passion over on its website now -- see Episode Guide:

Episode 1: Sunday 16 March, 8pm-9pm, BBC1
Episode 2: Monday 17 March, 8.30pm-9pm, BBC1
Episode 3: Saturday 22 March, TBA, BBC1
Episode 4: Sunday 23 March, TBA, BBC1

The times of each episode are not yet announced on the site, but a glance at the Radio Times gives the timings for the first two episodes, and I have added those above.

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Alan in Belfast said...

Episode 3 now confirmed as Good Friday 21 March, BBC ONE, 21:00 (30 minutes - though some listings are showing as a full hour)

And Episode 4 still trailed as being on Easter Sunday 23 March, BBC ONE, but no time.