Monday, March 10, 2008

Frank Deasy on Start the Week

One of my favourite podcasts is Start the Week, Andrew Marr's regular Radio 4 Monday morning programme. It's great to discover this week that Frank Deasy is one of the guests, talking about The Passion. You can listen live on the web, or download the podcast -- go to the Start the Week website. The material specifically about The Passion begins at about 24:30.

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Geoff Hudson said...

Was the statement the the prophet went up to the Mount of Olives every day (Lk.22.39) a Lukan dissimulation? Well yes I think it was. It's purpose was to cover up the fact that the prophet was indeed going as usual (daily) to the sanctuary which was just 'a stone's throw beyond' (22.41) the temple courts. While the other prophets were praying (22.45) waiting for the prophet to come back from the sanctuary, the prophet was in the sanctuary praying 'earnestly' in the spirit (not 'in anguish') invoking the coming of the Spirit. The similarity with the account about Zechariah (1.8-11) is innescapable. Both accounts have a Lukan 'angel' appearing, which of course was the Spirit.

Interestingly, 21.37-38:'Each day Jesus was teaching in the Temple, and each evening he went out to spend the night on the hill called the Mount of Olives, and all the people came early in the morning to hear him at the temple.' Again, there is dissimulation here. I suggest that each day the prophet taught in the temple courts, and each evening went up to the sanctuary ('the place' - 22.40), so that in the morning he was there to teach in the temple. The sanctury altar was kept burning 24/7.

I further suggest that the time was not Passover, but Tabernacles when the Spirit was expected (referred to as 'The Feast'). The prophet was taken prisoner in the sanctuary by the temple guards - in effect a soft touch 'giving himself up'.