Thursday, April 30, 2009

Biblioblog Top 50 Latest

The new Biblioblog Top 50 is now available:

Biblioblog Top 50: April 2009

As usual, a huge amount of work has gone into it. If the author would step out of the shadows, I would enjoy thanking him personally (the author is, of course, male and goy).

I had not realized that Andrew Bernhard had begun a blog at his site, and it's good to see it doing well. I am also pleased to see the NT Blog doing OK too.

A bigger surprise is to see my experimental podcast featuring among the list of new blogs. I will blog about this in due course but since it gets a mention and a link, let me fill in some background. I am planning to release a proper public podcast in the coming weeks but decided to experiment first by recording short podcasts for students on my Historical Jesus course, in order to get on top of the technology and to experiment with the format. It has been an enjoyable experience and the students have reacted well to it. Indeed, I am inclined to make this a more regular feature of my teaching. I think I am now ready to move on to a podcast aimed at a broader audience, but I should stress that what you see (hear) on the site mentioned above has the word "experimental" stamped on it.


Biblioblog Top 50 said...

We most certainly are not gay. How dare you accuse us of such things!!

Biblioblog Top 50 said...

Oh, sorry: Goy! We misread you. Yes, we are fairly Goy.

Biblioblog Top 50 said...

But I don't want you to get me wrong about this whole gay thing. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Some of our best friends are gay, and they're just like normal people to us.

Biblioblog Top 50 said...

And we're not saying there anything wrong with being Jewish, either. We know many Jewish people, and have found them all very good people. We would like to think that we tolerate them.

Andrew Bernhard said...

WHAT?! Nobody was supposed to know about the blog yet! I'm still proof-reading the core documents and was planning an "official" launch in June after the school year was over. Oh well, I can't complain about a #22 debut on the Biblioblog Top 50: consider the site live now.

-Andrew Bernhard