Monday, April 06, 2009

Syneidon Podcast: Exploring the Gospel of Mark

Regular readers will know if my enthusiasm for the University of Birmingham's Syneidon Project, which is run by Richard Goode and Helen Ingram. Helen is already known to many of you through her blog The Omega Course, recently mentioned at the Biblioblog T0p 50 website, and to others she is famous for her church organ renditions of rock classics. Both Richard and Helen are University of Birmingham PhDs in New Testament and it is excellent news that Syneidon now have their own podcast:

Syneidon Podcast

The first episode is entitled Exploring the Gospel of Mark - 1. Richard is the compère and has a fine voice for radio. He is joined by another Birmingham graduate, from the Queen's Foundation, Robert Foster (who was in my first ever Greek class in Birmingham some years back!). And there is an interview with David Parker. Helen supplies the music, her own composition and not Metallica.

I hope to add a page to the NT Gateway soon on Podcasts, encouraged by the fact that I hope to have my own podcast available soon. I will have details there and here when it is available.


John Ottens said...
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John Ottens said...

it is excellent news that Syneidon now have there own podcast

Come on, Mark, that is an act of grammatical violence. You really get after people for misusing 'begs the question'?


Mark Goodacre said...

Thanks, John. Well-spotted. Corrected. Cheers.