Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Apocalypse of Peter Greek Text online

Here is another one that fell between the sites in the recent shake-up, my transcription of the Greek text of the Apocalypse of Peter. It's only now in doing an inventory that I notice that I had allowed it to disappear after four years on the web.  It's the Greek text of the Apocalypse of Peter from Lic. Dr. Erich Klostermann (ed.), Apocrypha I: Reste Des Petrusevangeliums, Der Petrus-Apocakalypse und des Kerygmati Petri (Bonn: A. Marcus und E. Weber’s Verlag, 1903): 8-11, in a simple file in a unicode font. The files are now found here in Word format and PDF:

The Apocalypse of Peter (Akhmim Fragment) [MS Word]

Apocalypse of Peter (Akhmim Fragment) [PDF]

[Note: files updated -- corrected typos -- 30 June 2017]

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