Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Miracle Maker available to view on Hulu

Many thanks to Henry Nguyen for sharing the good news that The Miracle Maker is available to view in full on Hulu:

[Video now deleted]

I have always been a fan of this claymation film, which I first saw in 1999 at a screening at the NEC in Birmingham, with writer Murray Watts afterwards doing a life Q&A. For more on the film, see Matt Page's posts on the Bible Films Blog. My own page on it, along with the other Celluloid Jesus site, is down for a major overhaul at the moment, but I hope to reintroduce the site again this summer.

It's not the first Jesus film to appear on Hulu. Matt Page recently noted on the Bible Films blog that the Last Temptation of Christ is also available, though only for US audiences. I imagine that the same is true of The Miracle Maker.

Update (11 February 2015): this is no longer available on Hulu.

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It looks like Jesus Christ Superstar is also on Hulu, and has been for some time.


Mark Goodacre said...

Thanks, Henry. One to blog soon, I think.