Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More tributes to Graham Stanton

Peter Head has a wonderful personal reminiscence of his interactions with Graham Stanton over on Evangelical Textual Criticism. I did not know Graham Stanton so well, but on the several occasions I met him, he was unfailingly kind. I remember being somewhat intimidated by my first experience of an SNTS meeting back in 1996 in Strasbourg, when many senior scholars refused to speak to the unknown youngster, but Graham, who was the president that year, run off his feet, still took the time to introduce himself and to ask how I was getting on and to make me feel welcome. He was also hugely supportive a few years later when we hosted the British New Testament Conference in Cambridge -- again he took the time to be personally encouraging and friendly. For those who didn't meet him, it is worth underlining that this is not just people being positive about someone after their death. He really was well loved in the guild in a way that is quite uncommon.

The tributes are beginning to come in at the guest book in The Times, including one from Wayne Meeks.

Update: Dominic Mattos offers his reflections at the T and T Clark blog.

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