Thursday, July 30, 2009

SBL Annual Meeting 2009 talk

It is only July, but all over the biblioblogosphere, people are already talking about the SBL Annual Meeting in New Orleans on 21-24 November. Many bloggers will be there and many are reading papers. Daniel and Tonya have compiled a full list; Anumma is talking about a Tweet-up; Jim West has organized a massive bibliobloggers dinner; and now Stephen Carlson has the most important list of all, Dukies at SBL, an impressive looking bunch.

All this confirms that the SBL Annual Meeting is truly the "San Diego Comic-Con" of the world of Biblical Scholarship.


Alfredo Garcia said...

Dr. Goodacre: I see that your talk is about “How and Why the NT Gateway was Rebooted, Revitalized and Relaunched” in 23-308 Computer Assisted Research.

=) It makes me smile to wonder how your appointment at Duke might change in the coming years. What with the NT Pod, the Twitter, your might have to change to the CompSci department sometime soon! Haha.

If only other professors took to technology as voraciously as you do, things might be different: maybe they would move a little quicker and more efficiently!

AKMA said...

Well, not precisely comprehensive -- but since I'm not on the official lists of "bibliobloggers," I suppose that my absence from this list is understandable.

Mark Goodacre said...

Ha ha, thanks, Alfredo.

Actually, you are on the official list of bibliobloggers, AKMA, or at least the "complete" list -- . But you are already listed, with TAFKANTW's customary efficiency, as University of Glasgow.

Mark Goodacre said...

Actually, just realized that you were talking about Daniel and Tonya's list and not Stephen's "Dukies at SBL" one. OK, that makes sense!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the link. The list is updated as we get new info. We'll see how much it grows.

Hope we don't miss anyone.