Monday, November 16, 2009

How and Why the NT Gateway was Rebooted, Revitalized and Relaunched I

I would like to share here a bit of my presentation at the Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, coming up next Monday. Here are the session details:

Computer Assisted Research, 11/23/2009, 4pm, Rhythms Ballroom 3 - SH.

How and Why the NT Gateway was Rebooted, Revitalized and Relaunched

Abstract: In a CARG presentation in 2007, I laid out my plans for the future of the New Testament Gateway (, the academic directory of internet resources on the New Testament and Christian Origins. Within months of that presentation, it became clear that I would need a major partner to help in the realization of these plans and in 2009 I went into partnership with Logos Bible Software who have worked to produce a superb new version of the site, with a changed look, improved navigation and dynamic features that will take the site forward for the next generation. This presentation reviews the new version of the site, explaining the benefits of moving over to a professional, collaborative model. It reflects on the changing face of subject gateway sites over the last twelve years since the NT Gateway began, exploring their future role in teaching and research, and arguing that with the massive expansion of internet resources, sites like this are now more important than ever.


I will release each section in bite-sized chunks for those who, like me, are inclined to skim through long posts.

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