Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Type Greek and the Sublinear Dot

If you want a speedy and efficient way to type unicode Greek, Type is a fantastic web based option. I recommended Type Greek on the blog back in April 2007 and I have had a link to it on the Greek NT Gateway fonts page since then. I was struggling recently with sublinear dots (the little dots you put under letters when doing textual criticism to show that it is uncertain) and wondered whether Type Greek might have that option. It didn't so I asked Randy Hoyt whether it might be possible for this feature to be added. Ask and you shall receive! Now if you hit the @ key, your sublinear dot is added, just like that.


michael said...

It still doesn't seem to work when I copy and paste from Type Greek into a Word doc. The dots still come out out of place. I noticed that this blog is a bit old. Have you discovered anything that works better since then?

jc said...


Type Greek may be used with "Open Office" in a windows pc or a Word in Mac.