Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gerry Adams on Judas's Betrayal, The Bible: A History

Tomorrow's Times carries an article on the forthcoming fifth episode of The Bible: A History, which focuses on Jesus and is presented by Gerry Adams. The article is headed I know why Judas betrayed Jesus, says Gerry Adams in Channel 4 documentary. Except that he does not. The documentary does not actually discuss Judas at all. (I am series consultant, which is why I have seen and contributed to these materials). The Times has apparently taken this material from Helen Bond's op-ed piece for Bible and Interpretation over a month ago, Jesus through the eyes of an Irish republican (not "her blog", as the piece incorrectly has it). Helen was discussing there her conversations with Adams and how they had caused her to think about the Historical Jesus, but no discussion about Judas appears in the programme.

Meanwhile, Doug Chaplin offers his reflections on tonight's episode, "Daughters of Eve", over on Clayboy, and I have been meaning to mention The Independent's write-up of last week's episode featuring Anne Widdecombe.

Update (18.20): Jim West comments.


Doug Chaplin said...

I wonder if you feel free to comment on how things seem to you as a series consultant. Are there things you're pleased worked out, or where you wish they'd listened better to you?

Mark Goodacre said...

I'm really pleased with the way the series has come together, Doug. Naturally I have had more input in some episodes than in others.

Steven Carr said...

Is there any evidence that Judas existed?

How did these religious leaders confront Jesus in discussions if they had to pay people to identify Jesus for them?

Surely somebody knew what Jesus looked like?