Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Only the true Messiah denies his divinity

We discussed the Messianic Secret in my New Testament Introduction class at Duke yesterday, and on this topic I can never help thinking of one of my favourite scenes in Life of Brian. Brian, who is being pursued by a crowd who want to proclaim him the Messiah, makes clear that he is not the Messiah. Some bright spark comes up with the line, "Only the true Messiah denies his divinity!" The exchange is towards the end of this four minute clip. Only two or three people, out of a hundred and thirty in the class, had seen Life of Brian, so this is to whet their appetites too:

Incidentally, this is a fine example of the use of Youtube by official organizations. Since Monty Python put clips like this on Youtube, sales of their DVDs apparently multiplied massively. There is a lesson there for online marketing that is still not understood by very many people.


Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing this classic bit of British humor. I am a bit upset with you though. Your reference in class instilled in me a desire to watch Life of Brian, and yet it was the project that you assigned that prevented me from satisfying it.

Mark Goodacre said...

Thanks for the comments, John. Sorry about that!

Meg said...

It's disheartening to hear that so few of my compatriots have seen the film. What a shame! Keep on educating them.