Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Latest Bibledex Videos: Mark

There are lots more Bibledex videos now available from the University of Nottingham. You may remember that this is the project to produce short videos on every book in the Bible. One of the latest is on Mark:

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Bob MacDonald said...

I haven't watched many of these but this one does present two theses that could be tested just by reading.
1. the direction of development in redaction - from sharp to smoother, etc
2. the distinctive failure of the disciples in Mark

The close seems to me to have a serious theological error. I have not read much Moltmann but I doubt that he said God the Father was abandoning God the Son in the cross. If he did, I think we have another 1000 years of pondering the mechanism of salvation to consider. There's a misfit here in the use of Psalm 22.