Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Q is for . . . . Q and Q reading Q

Neil Cameron has put together a fantastic A-Z of Awesomeness and it features a fine representation for "Q" (left), featuring Q and Q reading Q.  Unfortunately, the Q that Q and Q are reading is Q the popular British magazine and not Q the hypothetical text, but it's still a great cartoon.

Incidentally, the A-Z also features excellent illustrations covering Buffy bravely battling Beelzebub and the Doctor Who Defeating Doctor Doom in a Deadly Disco Dance-Off.

Thanks to Jeff Peterson for pointing this out to me, via the Unreality site.


AKMA said...

But Q the magazine actually exists, Mark.

N T Wrong said...

Ooooh, look, it made No. 7 on the Top 7!

Mark Goodacre said...

Depends what you mean by "exists", though, AKMA.

Thanks for the great link, NT.