Monday, November 08, 2010

Bible and Archaeology Fest, Atlanta, November 2010

BAS (the Biblical Archaeology Society) has details of its Bible and Archaeology Fest XIII, in Atlanta, GA from November 19-21.  I am one of the speakers again this year and the site now has details of my talk:

Paul’s Letters: Women, Men and the End
Paul’s attitudes to men, women, sex and gender are famously perplexing. Is he an egalitarian or is he a misogynist? Why does he appear to endorse women in leadership roles at some points, and prevent them from speaking in church at other points? Several key passages warrant careful examination: Romans 16, where he mentions several prominent women; 1 Corinthians 11, where he appears to insist on head-coverings for women; and Galatians 3.28, in which he says that there is no “male or female” and that all are one in Christ. In our context it is easy to miss the fact that Paul’s attitudes to men and women are driven by one over-riding concern: The imminent end.

There are details also of the entire program -- just go to 13th Annual Bible and Archaeology Fest .


Trevor said...

Well that will surely attract some interest!

I do hope you will post a summary of this talk somewhere, sometime. Maybe another extended podcast???

Mark Goodacre said...

Thanks. Good thought, though I don't think it can be an extended podcast because I'll be under the auspices of the BAS.