Thursday, February 03, 2011

Bibliobogging Carnival, Top 50 and Top 10

I am having the kind of busy beginning of term that is reducing the amount of time I have to keep up with the blogs, so it's great to have Jim West putting together a carnival to help us to catch up with what we might have missed. It's really well done -- comprehensive, clear, lively:

Biblical Studies Carnival for January 2011

And most importantly, it mentions the NT Blog a couple of times.

Meanwhile, the renewed Biblioblog Top 50 has the latest chart for January:

(N. T. Wrong Approved) Bibliblog Top 50 January 2011

It's nice having NT Wrong fronting it again. And there is also the latest of the new Top 10 by votes chart, with congratulations to James McGrath for the well-deserved top spot, and Bob Cargill (nicely caricatured) at number 2.

January 2011 Top 10 Biblioblogs

NT Blog, though, is nowhere in sight. Belated New Year's Resolution: must do better!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mark,

So would it be safe to say that if any major event happens in the study of early Christianity that it will be included in one of these carnivals? I am looking for a way to subscribe to less and less religion industry stuff, but still to be made aware any time a major advancement happens in the study of early Christianity.

I am finding more and more as blogs have exploded that you have to scan so much information each day. Most of it is just the same stuff repeated over and over again. And bloggers trying to self promote each other.

What I am looking to do, is be alerted by email if some major event happens in our understanding of the first 200 to 250 years of Christianity, and eliminate all the crap.

This process has to be free to.

If you have a suggestion, or anyone does, on some method that will allow me to accomplish this, I would appreciate it if you would email it to me.