Thursday, February 24, 2011

Richard Bauckham USA Tour: Next Stop Duke

Richard Bauckham's USA Tour continues today and tomorrow with the Kenneth Clark Lectures here at Duke, in the neighboring Divinity School.  If you are in the area, do come along -- they are free to the public.  A reminder of the details:

Individualism and Community in the Gospel of John

Lecture 1
Thursday, February 24, 2011
4:00-5:15 p.m.
0016 Westbrook, Duke Divinity School

Lecture 2
Friday, February 25, 2011
12:20-1:20 p.m.
0016 Westbrook, Duke Divinity School


Brian Small said...

Richard Bauckham will be speaking at Truitt Seminary (Baylor University), March 1-3, 9:30 am and then at our regional meeting in DFW, March 5.

Andy Rowell said...

Should we live blog here?

I'm paraphrasing here:

Bauckham is making the case that the Gospel of John describes a more "individualistic" rather than "collectivistic" understanding of the relationship between persons and Jesus.

His first point is that there are 67 sayings about an individual's relationship with Jesus. Only one third person plural (John 1:12) and that is narrative.

His second point is that the Gospel of John describes the relationship with Jesus in terms of "'In-one-another-ness' (personal coinherence)."

His third and last point is that 'Jesus' has a number of private dialogues with individuals.

(He is about 40 minutes into his lecture. It is 4:43 pm and he began at 4:00 pm).

Andy Rowell said...

I didn't say that this lecture is called: "The 'Individualism' of the Gospel of John.'"

His handout says to "visit my website at

Andy Rowell said...

Douglas Campbell, Richard Hays, Joel Marcus, Moody Smith, Stanley Hauerwas, Jeremy Begbie here.

Andy Rowell said...

Just finished at 4:49.

Andy Rowell said...

Joel Marcus asks first question. Marcus admits there is individual emphasis. But is that just stylistic? Are you going to talk about communal in farewell discourses? Maybe tomorrow? Jesus gives Mary to new family. Who are you arguing against? What are implications? Yes, C.F.D. Moule article in 1962 "The Individualism of the Fourth Gospel." But who are you arguing against? What are the theological implications?

Answer from Bauckham: Yes. Communal passages tomorrow. Charlie Moule was concerned about Anglican circles that the church as essential community of salvation. He was appreciative of evangelical emphasis on experience of personal relationship with Christ. I'm trying to restore the balance because recent approaches focus on collectivist analysis. But John's emphasis is not a modern desire for the freedom of the individual.

Andy Rowell said...

Douglas Campbell asks next question but I can't hear it.

Andy Rowell said...

Answer to Campbell: The individual response. It may not be the whole story but in Johannine scholarship, we must take it more into account.

Andy Rowell said...

I didn't see Susan Eastman earlier. She asks the next question. She says that Paul (Gal 6, 1 Thess, "each one of you") also has this emphasis on individual.

Bauckham answers: Modern has neglected belonging for autonomy. I am only pointing exegetical finger at something. What strikes me in Paul is the line: "Son of God who loved me and give himself for me."

Andy Rowell said...

Susan Eastman says that she is not sure whether collectivist and individualist categories fit.

Bauckham responds: Yes, he says, it is individual in relation. Yes, there is a spectrum.

Andy Rowell said...

Joel Marcus jokes that Bauckham has not been to an American high school. That is "collectivist."

Celia Wolff with a question about his third point: dialogues. What about Lazarus?

Bauckham says that Lazarus only responds by walking out of the tomb and then later his life is in danger.

Andy Rowell said...

Stephen Carlson asks about John 14:20.

Answer: It is the kind of passage I will be discussing tomorrow. This is a cliffhanger--you'll have to come back tomorrow.

Mark Goodacre said...

Thanks, Andy. Loving the live blogging! I was counter-cultural (for lectures in Duke Div) and didn't have a laptop with me.

Andy Rowell said...

One major reason the Thursday session was a big crowd because it was held in the same room at the same time in lieu of Joel Marcus's lecture for NEWTEST 18 - Introduction to New Testament Interpretation course(required of all 155 first year MDiv students). There are also a lot more students on campus on Thursdays than Fridays.

tcrob said...

He also made a stop where I did my undergrad and grad work.