Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Martin Hengel video

I've been listing several videos from The Christ Files series recently. These are found on The Christ Files website in Sydney, Australia and are extracts from a longer documentary available on DVD. A trip over to Youtube provides us with some extra footage from the series, including two extended clips of Martin Hengel:

There are several enjoyable features here, not least Hengel's self-deprecating comments on his facility in English (which is, of course, far better than all of our facility with German). Hengel died in 2009 and this may well be his last recorded interview, from 2008.

There is a first part too, but the video is not working properly (audio OK).


Anonymous said...

I see a great problem with this video, the interviewer says something like "you and other scholars have shown that marks gospel... appears to record the witness of peter, who was a eye witness...". The problem is that we don't even know if there was an actual Peter character... so to say that they have shown that... and he was an eye witness... is problematic. The religion industry interviewee does not correct the questioner either, ad runs with a view as if it is a given that there even was a Peter, and then goes on to tell us lots of things about him. But, we have not even yet demonstrated that there even was an actual Peter. This is a kind of problem that you see over and over again in the religion industry.

Michael F. Bird said...

Mark, John Dickson is a friend of mine and he's done a great job with these videos. One of my regrets it that I never met Prof. Hengel. My "Messiah" book was largely inspired by his 70 pp essay. Also, I'm currently co-editing a volume of essays from the Tyndale Fellowship in Honor of Prof. Hengel that should be out by mid-year.

Mark Goodacre said...

Oh, that's good to hear, Mike.

Hengel came across as rather a genial character in that video.

I have enjoyed looking at John Dickson's clips from his documentary -- they are well done. Wholesale swallowing of Q, unfortunately, but otherwise enjoyable.