Wednesday, March 09, 2011

NT Pod 50: The Sisters of Jesus

The latest episode of the NT Pod has just come out and the topic this time is What do we know about the sisters of Jesus?. It is the latest in the current series of podcasts on the Historical Jesus that I am running alongside my course on the Historical Jesus at Duke this semester. Admittedly, this is one that will only get a few minutes in my class on the family of Jesus next week, but it's a topic that I have recently got interested in. In fact, I'll be blogging some more detailed reflections on the topic over the coming days, which is one of the reasons I am posting the NT Pod here a bit more apeedily than I usually manage.

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Bill Heroman said...

Minor point: GMark doesn't say the brothers are "here with us", which is interesting because GJohn does suggest the brothers are in Capernaum.

If Jesus' parents and brothers moved to C but the sisters didn't, then they must have been married off by that time. So - take it or leave it - that could be one significant detail about their lives, implicit from the Gospels themselves.

When Jesus went back to Nazareth, he may have been opposed my his own brothers-in-law.

Mark Goodacre said...

Great points -- thanks.