Sunday, September 02, 2012

August Biblioblog Carnival

Jim West has put together an excellent round-up of all the blogging posts of interest for the month of August, It’s The August Biblioblog Carnival! The ‘Look, There’s a List of Biblioblog Twitterers’ Edition.  The twitterers link isn't working for me at the moment, but otherwise it's all good stuff.

Update (22.25): The Bibliobloggers who tweet link is now working again.

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Richard Fellows said...

Mark, while we are grateful for anyone who puts in the time to assemble a carnival, I would not describe this one as excellent. In particular, I think Jim has crossed the line in casting Leary's work as insane. I would not mind if he had given a reasoned argument. All he did was quote Lumbly, but there is nothing in Lumbly that contradicts Leary, and indeed commentators such as Witherington and Bauckham find Lumbly's views perfectly consistent with Leary's. I tried to point this out to him and I pointed out that the relative lack of Sauls in the diaspora supports Leary's view, but he has not allowed my comment past "awaiting moderation" status.

We need to hold him, and others, to account when they make unsupported attacks on other people's work and are not prepared to justify their comments.