Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Jesus Blog - Le Donne and Keith

I've been enjoying the new blog from Chris Keith and Anthony Le Donne.  Its focus is on historical Jesus research and it intersects in a timely way with the release of their new co-edited book, Jesus, Criteria and the Demise of Authenticity (London & New York: T & T Clark, 2012).  It also acts adds to the sense of anticipation ahead of the associated Conference in Dayton, Ohio in a couple of weeks (4-5 October).

The Jesus Blog

There is more, though, than just reflections on the book and the forthcoming conference.  There is the first part of an interview with Helen Bond and a top ten on why not to start a blog, which includes the point that "Martin Hengel never blogged".  I think that that fact would encourage me to start a blog, but that's just me.

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Anthony Le Donne said...

Thanks for the plug Mark. I just put up part two of my interview with Helen Bond.

She argues that there is very little historical evidence to suggest that Jesus was anti-Empire. Rather, Rome was about to be swept away by God's Kingdom. Why would an apocalyptic prophet spend much of his voice on such a temporal problem?