Thursday, January 24, 2013

Harvard Crimson on the Jesus' Wife Fragment

Harvard Crimson, the student paper of Harvard University, has an article today on the Jesus' Wife Fragment:

'Jesus's Wife' Parchment Continues to Ignite Controversy
According to Kathryn Dodgson, director of communications at HDS, the publication is waiting to print King’s article while the papyrus undergoes scientific analysis.
Once she receives the results of that analysis, King will incorporate them into the article for the Harvard Theological Review, Dodgson wrote in an email.
Currently analysts are testing the ink on the fragment to confirm that it dates from the fourth century like the papyrus itself, which has already been tested.
King could not be reached for comment on this article.
There are also comments in the article from Greg Sterling, Janet Timbie and me.

I'm sure many of my readers will have spotted the mistake in the title of the piece -- it's not "parchment".

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James Dowden said...

The curse of incompetent sub-editing...