Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Maurice Wiles

I was sorry to read of the death of Maurice Wiles on Hypotyposeis. Today's Telegraph has an obituary:

The Rev Professor Maurice Wiles

It's a fascinating obituary. I read a lot of Maurice Wiles when I was in Oxford and occasionally heard him lecture; I think I met him on a couple of occasions, but I was rather in awe of him. I found him somewhat austere compared to others of his Christ Church colleagues like Rowan Williams and John Fenton, who seemed to nervous youngsters like me to be more approachable. A fine Patristics scholar and a brilliant theologian.

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Philip Wise said...

When I went to Oxford to do a D.Phil in Theology, I took my first doctoral seminar with Maurice Wiles. He was a first class scholar and a wonderfully kind man. He always spoke to me and remembered my name. Although I didn't often agree with him theologically, I liked him immensely.

Philip Wise