Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Light Blogging and Preparations to Move

No doubt you will have noticed that this blog has stalled somewhat over the last week or so. I fear that that will be a pattern to come over the next few weeks, though I will at least keep a basic update on my move, and will blog on NT items of interest if time does allow. I visited Aberdeen to examine last Thursday and term finished here last Friday, so my time is freed up a little for some all important practicalities, and relatively little for university work.

I am asked a lot at the moment about when I will be leaving Birmingham and moving to Duke. At present this is how things stand: my contract over there begins on September 1 and if at all possible I intend to be there to begin on that date. However, that will depend entirely on whether or not our visas have come through in time. The paperwork went in a couple of weeks ago and, my goodness, what hard work it was to get that all prepared. I have been told that it will take at least two months to process, so now it's a waiting game on that front. In the mean time we are hoping to sell up here as soon as possible, and most of my time at present is spent on that process. At the same time we are doing a lot of "virtual" planning for moving to North Carolina and already have a few ideas. But if anyone out there happens to have any good tips concerning housing, areas and schools, I'd be delighted for any suggestions.

More when I have time.

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