Tuesday, June 28, 2005

New blogs on the block

Since I've been away from blogging, there are several new biblioblogs and ancient world blogs on the block. These have all been mentioned variously in other blogs, with my apologies for repetition here in this round up:

A Post-Postmodern Blog on New Testament Studies, Christian Origins, and Following Jesus
Michael Bird

Thoughts on Antiquity
This weblog focuses on Ancient Cultures of the world, from the Ancient Mesopotamian world to Egyptian pyramids, from Greek mysteries to Roman commissatio, from China to the Aztec, all things in antiquity
Chris Weimer

Novum Testamentum
A site dedicated to the New Testament and cognate fields
Brandon Wason

The last one is not to be confused with Novum Testamentum. It looks like there's lots of interest in all of the above. I've added them all to my blogroll.

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Sven said...

Interesting sites - thanks for the tip!