Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Crossan on Paul

The North Carolina based Baptist Recorder has an article on John Dominic Crossan's views on Paul:

Scholars chronicle Paul's lasting impact
By Greg Garrison

If you've read the recent Crossan and Reed book on Paul, it will be familiar stuff, but I smiled at the conclusion of the article:
The new scholarly trend seems to give Paul a lot of credit for maintaining the theological consistency of Jesus' message, while making it appealing to a new audience and giving it the impetus that would take it to the world.

"If you ask me what Jesus would have said to Paul," Crossan said, "I think he would have said, `Thank you.'"
It's an interesting enough quotation to bang a "discuss" on the end of it and use it as an examination question. And it contrasts pretty strongly with the confrontation between Jesus and Paul in The Last Temptation of Christ.


Whit said...

That scene between Jesus and Paul in The Last Temptation of Christ was very powerful and really made me think. Great idea for a exam question.

Like Crossan though, I do think our mission (as the Church) is to retell the "good news" in ways that it can be heard anew. Hopefully that is done well enought to recieve a thank you.

southernone said...

Biblical Recorder, not Baptist Recorder.