Sunday, November 06, 2005

Alice Cooper as King Herod

I was enjoying listening to Simon Mayo on FiveLive on Friday afternoon (well, it comes on in the morning here -- still haven't got used to that) and during an interview with Alice Cooper, someone emailed to compliment him on his portrayal of Herod in Jesus Christ Superstar. Cooper said that Tim Rice himself had approached him about doing it and he did a little imitation of himself saying "Walk across my swimming pool". I wasn't familiar with this, so googled and found that it was on a 1996 London Cast recording (or 1997 highlights recording), which I have now of course ordered from Amazon, who even have a short clip available. I am looking forward to listening; it is the version with Steve Balsamo as Jesus.

Another great King Herod is, of course, Rik Mayall in the recent Jesus Christ Superstar (2001), which has Glenn Carter as Jesus.

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