Sunday, November 20, 2005

SBL Sunday afternoon

I went to the Matthew Section at 1 today and was the first up. I presented a paper on The Rock on Rocky Ground: Matthew, Mark and Peter as Skandalon. It wasn't the best presentation I've given; I was feeling quite ill by this point (my own fault, I know), but I did get some great questions afterwards which will help to improve the paper. Steve Black spoked next, also on Peter, on whether or not he was rehabilitated in Matthew. Rodrigo J. Morales spoke on Wisdom in Matthew, the yoke saying and the Sermon on the Mount. Catherine Sider Hamilton spoke on blood in Matthew, and Daniel Gurtner talked about the temple in Matthew. There was a nice symmetry to the session, with two from Duke and two from Toronto School of Theology, two papers on Peter, two papers on the Temple. It was a really well attended session as well, and I was pleased that I had made 100 handouts.

I had a series of other meetings; ate some good Chinese; and at 9 was the Duke Reception -- full to the brim -- and my first ever. Eric Meyers stood up and introduced faculty old and new, including me, and I had lots of nice personal welcomes afterwards.

Agonies over for me. I am looking forward to relaxing and enjoying the SBL properly tomorrow. And before going to bed, I must sneak a peak at what others have been blogging of the conference to compare notes.

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