Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Enter the Bibliobloggers

Jim Davila's SBL paper for the CARG Biblioblogging session is now available on-line:

Enter the Bibliobloggers

I have read the paper and it is an excellent piece, somehow managing to present an overview of the biblioblogs and the biblioblogging phenomenon at the same time as providing a great amount of detail. The feat is achieved, as with Jim's SBL Forum article by imitating the style of the blog and adding multiple hyperlinks in the text of the piece. So underneath the surface lies a fair wack of researching relevant links among the biblioblogs.

I am looking forward to hearing Jim present the paper, and am especially curious to see how Jim tackles the hyperlinks orally. Perhaps he will go for Victor Borge style Phonetic Punctuation and have a special way of saying "Various ideas have already been suggested on some blogs about what we might want to talk about here ", with each hyperlink specially represented in some way. Perhaps Jim should jump, or wave, each time he comes to a hyperlink?


Jim Davila said...

I think I'll just read the paper and tell people to look at the online version if they want hyperlinks. But thanks anyway for the helpful suggestions.

Whit said...

It is bound to be more interesting than the way CNN and other news shows cover blogs!

Tim said...

Or, in view of the way "we" use two fingers like bunny ears to visually mark quotations Jim could point with one hand at an imaginary "location" in cyberspace while the other hand prods the mouse button that brings the link up onscreen ;)

Seriously, another reminder that hypertext, text and speech are three different media, which need different approaches to "writing".

Michael Homan said...

I couldn't make that session, though I very much wish I could have. I hope next year we'll be able to discuss more about this great topic.