Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Also blogging SBL were:

Christopher Heard on Higgaion; and I looked through my blogroll and noticed that Higgain was missing, which I can hardly believe; now corrected.

Ben Myers mentions that Peter Leithart has also been blogging AAR / SBL at

And Stephen Carlson mentions Annie Dillard at LocustYears, which is another new blog to me, and another welcome addition to the blogosphere.

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Pilgrim at First and Lake said...


Thank you for your gracious comment -- it was a pleasure hearing you and the rest of the panel share at AAR/SBL. I should note, though, that while I use an Annie Dillard quote for the header of my blog, I am not she, but merely an admirer of her literary work.

Happy post-Thanksgiving -- I'm an expat myself and still remember my first American Thanksgiving quite well. :)