Tuesday, November 29, 2005

More comments on Footsteps

Further to previous posts on In the Footsteps of Jesus, I noticed this nice comment in yesterday's Herald:
. . . . Meanwhile Edward Stourton, whose passion for scholarship comes shining through in his new series, In the Footsteps of Jesus (Radio 4, Monday), wraps his elegant diction in discreet affability. (I say, one’s lost one’s RP, Anne Simpson).
And in this week's New Statesman a really glowing review:

Radio - Rachel Cooke
Rachel Cooke
Monday 28th November 2005
. . . . This is a brilliant documentary series, one so thoroughly researched it is impossible not to feel a sense of engagement with it. I loved the papery sound of what, after all, are extremely speculative, not to say inward-looking debates (these fellows have hearts that flip over on hearing a new translation of a single Aramaic noun). But the programmes also have another ingredient: faith. For every cool offering from an academic, we hear an answering call from an intelligent believer. For the intelligent believer, the stones and the texts are in dialogue, not mutual opposition, and it was this notion that, at times, elevated In the Footsteps of Jesus, with all its facts and measured argument, to the realm of the spellbinding . . . .
Wow! Now that's an encouraging review.

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