Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Photo-blogging the SBL

Jim West has put the rest of us (well, me at least) to shame in his photographic illustration of his SBL experiences on Biblical Theology. I actually took my digital camera with me this year, fully intended to use it, but never once remembered to do so while at the meeting. I need to correct that next time.

There are two special highlights among Jim's pictures. The first is the picture of the e-listers on the Saturday morning, which includes bloggers Jim Davila, Stephen Carlson and me. The other is the picture of Jim's hotel bed, which functions as a strident defence of James Crossley's controversial decision to photograph his room. It seems that Jim has the luxury of a room all to himself, not like us hard-up academics who share.

1 comment:

Jim said...

True- I did have a room to myself. Next to the alley where every morning the trash dumpster was emptied promptly at 4 AM. Next year I'll just room with Crossley. Better a room with another than the dumpster alone. ;-)