Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Searching for the historical Jesus

Further to my previous post on the series, here's an article on it appearing yesterday in BBC News On-line:

Searching for the historical Jesus
In a series of radio programmes, In the Footsteps of Jesus, the BBC's Edward Stourton brings to life the world in which Jesus lived. In this article, he explains why tracing the historical facts about Jesus is so important.

The piece talks about Andrew Overman's excavations:
It was a fire in 1998 that gave Dr Overman his coup at Omrit; it cleared the scrub and he was able to identify the outline of a huge Roman-era temple.

He believes it was erected by King Herod to honour the Roman Emperor Augustus at the time when Augustus began to be viewed as a living god, and he has identified it as the site of Caesarea Philippi.

He is now engaged in an ambitious project to rebuild the temple; it will soon rise to its original 23 metres (75 feet) in height, once again dominating the surrounding landscape.
And there are discussions of the scandal of the "Aryan Jesus".

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