Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Stephen Carlson Interview Archived

The radio programme featuring Stephen Carlson talking about Morton Smith's invention of Secret Mark, Keeping the Faith, is now available in an on-line archived version, either downloadable MP3 or a Real Audio stream:

Keepin' the Faith


Whit said...


This is so interesting. I sat listenting to the program with my copy of The Complete Gospels containing The Secret Gospel of Mark in front of me.

The reviews also mentioned by Carlson include Craig Evans (and you. I heard Evans first mention the book at the N.T. Wright and Dominic Crossan debate held at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Evans said something to the effect of new evidence that Secret Mark was a fraud which he had seen in a soon to be published book. I can't remember if he mentioned Carlson (but he probably did - it wasn't really something I knew much about at the time.)

Incidently, a book of the materials from that Wright/Crossan debate (along with the other contributers) is now out titled The Resurrection of Jesus, John Dominic Crossan and N.T.Wright in Dialoge, edited by Robert B. Stewart from Fortress Press.

I will have to get a copy of Stephen's book - Thanks

Whit said...


Just noted the posting time of my comment. Is your blog still on Birmingham time?