Sunday, November 27, 2005

Stephen Carlson on the radio on Secret Mark

A reminder that Stephen Carlson is on the radio right now on Keeping the Faith (6 pm, Eastern Time) and you can listen on-line at:

Listen to Will

Quick -- tune in while you can!

Update (19.23): a most enjoyable programme, a full hour on the topic, and unlike much radio it went at a leisurely pace so that there was time for the details to come through. I couldn't catch it all, unfortunately, with supper to cook, beds to make etc., but what I caught was good. One good point that I found it useful to have spelled out was the extent to which Smith disdained the fact that scholars often do not check their references; they don't do the kind of thorough research they should, something that explains the planting of the M. Madiotes clue. Highlight: Steve Shoemaker asks Stephen what Morton Smith would have thought about his book and Stephen replies: "I hope he would have said: 'Good job!'"


Joe Weaks said...

I caught the last half. I wish now I had called in with a good question. Something, like, "Was M. Smith a person of faith, and if so, how do you think he might have justified playing this type of hoax when people's spirituality is at stake?"
Also, perhaps thrown in a, "Stephen, I've heard you are as good looking as you are smart... has that been a burden in being taken seriously in your career? I'll take my answer off the air."

Justin Jenkins said...

I missed it completely! I would have really liked to hear it ... this sort of thing fascinates me. I remember reading about Secret Mark two years or so ago, and kind of being left with ‘what’s that all about?’ The book should be coming when Amazon actually decides to ship it.

I noticed there were downloadable mp3s of past ‘episodes’ perhaps they’ll add this one to the list.

On another thought, are there any good biblio-casts? I haven’t run into any --- I’d love one, often during the day, its easier for me to listen then read.