Monday, November 14, 2005

Tyndale Bulletin latest

On, Rob Bradshaw has the list of contents for the latest Tyndale Bulletin. I must admit that it is a journal I never consult, perhaps because of its weak on-line presence, perhaps because we didn't subscribe to it in Birmingham, perhaps just ignorance. However, I had a look on my Journals page and I was pleased to see that I do list its website:

Tyndale Bulletin

And all the abstracts are listed for the latest issue:

Volume 56.2 (November 2005)

(though note that it erroneously has May 2005 at the head). One of the articles looks especially interesting to me:

The Coming of the Son of Man in Mark's Gospel
Edward Adams, (King's College, London)
This article defends the view that Mark’s sayings on the coming of the Son of Man (Mark 8:38; 13:24-27; 14:62) refer to Jesus’ parousia, against claims made by R. T. France and N. T. Wright. According to France and Wright, these sayings call attention to the vision of Daniel 7:9-14, in which ‘one like a son of man’ comes into the presence of God for the purpose of enthronement, and point to Jesus’ post-mortem vindication, not his second coming. It is argued here that the Markan passages in question link Daniel 7:13 with other Old Testament texts and motifs, in particular, texts (such as Zechariah 14:3) and images about God’s future coming to earth; the selective combination of Scriptures and scriptural images and their application to Jesus generates the essential concept of his parousia – his coming as exalted Lord from heaven to earth at the end of history.
We do have it here at Duke, so I must make a strong mental note to go and dig this one out.

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