Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Koester, Paul and His World

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Landmark Explorations of the Environment of the Early Church

"Koester's monumental volume of essays spans a whole generation of his work on the Pauline letter corpus, the interpretation of Pauline theology, the locations where Paul worked, and the archaeology of these sites, which he has year after year himself examined on site. It is a must for anyone working on Paul and his churches."
—James M. Robinson, Claremont Graduate University Emeritus and Institute for Antiquity and Christianity

In Paul and His World: Interpreting the New Testament and Its Context, Helmut Koester, one of the most erudite New Testament scholars of our time brings insight from a career of interpretation and a wealth of archaeological, historical, and cultural data to illuminate Paul's place in his world.

Paul and His World is the first of two volumes of landmark essays in New Testament interpretation from Koester. This volume presents critical essays on theology and eschatology in Paul's letters, the apostle's religious and cultural context, and the interaction of early Christianity with its Greco-Roman environment, as reflected in ancient literature and archaeological remains.

Charting the religious and philosophical currents of the Greco-Roman world in which Paul and the early Christians moved, Koester explores:

* Paul's Thought and the Pauline Legacy
* The Religious Environment of the Roman Mediterranean
* Currents in and around Early Christianity

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