Friday, July 06, 2007

New Layton Introductory Coptic Grammar

I am grateful to Ben White for drawing my attention to Bentley Layton's new book:

Coptic in 20 Lessons
Introduction to Sahidic Coptic With Exercises & Vocabularies

That link is to the Peeters catalogue on the book, which also has a table of contents (PDF). Up until now, the only realistic option for an introductory grammar was Lambdin, so I am excited about the new Layton book. I don't have a copy yet, but will report on it as soon as I have one. Amazon have it for $34. Layton is "the man" when it comes to Coptic, so the publication of this looks like very good news.

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Memra said...

I recently received a copy of Layton's new grammar, and think very highly of it.

I began studying Middle Egyptian (King Tut's languge) many years ago as a result of my interest in hieroglyphs. I graduated to Sahidic Coptic, recognizing its use for New Testaament studies.

I have previously used the grammars by Plumley, Lambdin, and Halevy. Bently Layton's book is a refreshsing addition. I thoroughly recommend it.