Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Vigiliae Christianae latest

There is a new edition of Vigiliae Christianae available to subscribers:

Vigiliae Christianae
Volume 61, Number 2, 2007

The Admonition to Assemble Together in Didache 16.2 Reappraised
pp. 121-141(21)
Author: Khomych, Taras

"Judaizing" Christian Interpretations of the Prophets As Seen by Saint Jerome
pp. 142-156(15)
Author: Graves, Michael

Demons and Divine Illumination: A Consideration of Eight Prayers by Gregory of Nazianzus
pp. 157-188(32)
Author: Kalleres, Dayna S.

The Authenticity of Maximus the Confessor's Letter to Marinus: The Argument from Theological Consistency
pp. 189-227(39)
Author: Siecienski, A. Edward


Justin Martyr, Apologie pour les chrétiens
pp. 228-229(2)
Author: van Winden, J.C.M.

A Synopsis of the Apocryphal Nativity and Infancy Narratives
pp. 230-231(2)
Author: Nicklas, Tobias

Porfirio de Tiro contra los cristianos. Recopilación de fragmentos, traducción, introducción y notas
pp. 232-234(3)
Author: Quiroga, Alberto

Lettres tome I, livres I et II
pp. 235-238(4)
Author: van Waarden, Joop

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