Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Review of Biblical Literature Backlog

While excavating the email mountain, I came across some Review of Biblical Literature alerts that I had not included, from March, so here are the missing ones, for the sake of completeness, in one big post. As usual, it's those under the NT and related heading:

François Bovon; Kristin Hennessy, trans.
The Last Days of Jesus
Reviewed by Kevin B. McCruden

Catherine A. Cory
The Book of Revelation
Reviewed by Pieter G. R. de Villiers

James Crossley
Why Christianity Happened: A Sociohistorical Account of Christian Origins (26-50 CE)
Reviewed by Richard L. Rohrbaugh

Charlotte Hempel and Judith M. Lieu, eds.
Biblical Traditions in Transmission: Essays in Honour of Michael A. Knibb
Reviewed by Gerbern S. Oegema

Shalom M. Paul, Robert A. Kraft, Lawrence H. Schiffman, and Weston W. Fields, eds.
Emanuel: Studies in Hebrew Bible, Septuagint, and Dead Sea Scrolls in Honor of Emanuel Tov
Reviewed by Leonard Greenspoon

Thomas E. Phillips, ed.
Acts and Ethics
Reviewed by Gert J. Steyn

Dieter Sänger, ed.
Gottessohn und Menschensohn: Exegetische Studien zu zwei Paradigmen biblischer Intertextualität
Reviewed by Delbert Royce Burkett

Harold W. Attridge
The HarperCollins Study Bible Fully Revised and Updated: Including Apocryphal Deuterocanonical Books with Concordance
Reviewed by Timothy Friedrichsen

Walther Bindermann
Jünger und Brüder: Studien zum Differenzierungsprozess von Kirche und Judentum
Reviewed by Wolfgang Kraus

Mark Chancey
Greco-Roman Culture and the Galilee of Jesus
Reviewed by Jonathan L. Reed

William Horbury
Herodian Judaism and New Testament Study
Reviewed by Douglas Estes

David G. Horrell
Solidarity and Difference: A Contemporary Reading of Paul's Ethics
Reviewed by Victor Paul Furnish

Reinhard Gregor Kratz and Hermann Spieckermann, eds.
Götterbilder - Gottesbilder - Weltbilder: Polytheismus und Monotheismus in der Welt der Antike, Vol. 1: Ägypten, Mesopotamien, Kleinasien, Syrien, Palästina
Reviewed by Konrad Schmid

Reinhard Gregor Kratz and Hermann Spieckermann, eds.
Götterbilder - Gottesbilder - Weltbilder: Polytheismus und Monotheismus in der Welt der Antike, Vol. 2: Griechenland und Rom, Judentum, Christentum und Islam
Reviewed by Konrad Schmid

Jacob Neusner
Rabbinic Categories: Construction and Comparison
Reviewed by Arian Verheij

Eugen J. Pentiuc
Jesus the Messiah in the Hebrew Bible
Reviewed by Andrew Steinmann

Christoph Riedo-Emmenegger
Prophetisch-messianische Provokateure der Pax Romana: Jesus von Nazaret und andere Störenfriede im Konflikt mit dem Römischen Reich
Reviewed by Tobias Nicklas

Eckhard J. Schnabel
Early Christian Mission
Reviewed by Andreas J. Kostenberger

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