Friday, July 06, 2007

My endorsement of Horrell's Introduction

One of the latest reviews in the Review of Biblical Literature is by Stephen Westerholm (PDF) of David Horrell's Introduction to the Study of Paul. In it, he concludes by writing:
The book does what it sets out to do extremely well. I am myself somewhat loath to endorse Mark Goodacre’s recommendation, cited on the cover of the book, to put “other books on Paul to one side and begin here.” But students for whom this textbook is assigned will undoubtedly be well served.
Well, my endorsement is addressed to new students of Paul, and I note that earlier in the same review, Westerholm writes:
It is difficult to imagine how students could better be introduced to the discipline of Pauline scholarship.
Isn't that saying something similar?

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d. miller said...

Maybe it's because he was thinking of his own, quite different, introduction to Paul (Understanding Paul: The Early Christian Worldview of the Letter to the Romans. Grand Rapids: BakerAcademic, 2004).