Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Review of Biblical Literature Latest

Latest from the Review of Biblical Literature under the NT (and related) heading:

Alessandro Falcetta, ed.
James Rendel Harris: New Testament Autographs and Other Essays
Reviewed by Christopher Tuckett

Jennifer A. Glancy
Slavery in Early Christianity
Reviewed by Fabian E. Udoh

Melanie Johnson-DeBaufre
Jesus among Her Children: Q, Eschatology, and the Construction of Christian Origins
Reviewed by Harry T. Fleddermann

Stanley E. Porter, ed.
Paul and His Theology
Reviewed by M. Eugene Boring

Paul A Rainbow
The Way of Salvation: The Role of Christian Obedience in Justification
Reviewed by Timothy Gombis

Horst Simonsen
Leonhard Goppelt (1911-1973)-Eine theologische Biographie: Exegese in theologischer und kirchlicher Verantwortung
Reviewed by Jim West

Anthony C. Thiselton
Thiselton on Hermeneutics: Collected Works with New Essays
Reviewed by Stanley E. Porter

Johan C. Thom
Cleanthes' Hymn to Zeus: Text, Translation, and Commentary
Reviewed by Troels Engberg-Pedersen

Martin Wallraff, ed.
Julius Africanus und die Christliche Weltchronistik
Reviewed by Jutta Tloka

A minor note: Christopher Tuckett's review refers to Alessandro Falcetta as "she" but he was most definitely a man when I last saw him (Marinus de Jonge and I examined his PhD on J. Rendel Harris at the University of Birmingham).

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Eric Rowe said...

Falcetta's book is probably the best among those reviewed. After all, Harris was a giant whose works are not as ephemeral as the latest and greatest tend to be. But this newly published collection would have been more attractive a few years ago. Currently most (albeit not all) of the essays in it are available in text archive and google books. Between all these options (not just for Harris but other greats from a century ago) today's NT students have a positively enormous wealth of resources available. It will never happen, but I tend to think that if a budding scholar made up his mind to read only works published before 1940 he might well find that the benefits gained by focusing his research only on works that have proven their high quality over time would outweigh the detriment of outdatedness.