Friday, September 12, 2003

Biblical Theology Bulletin Articles

Here is the first batch of individual articles of interest from the on-line Biblical Theology Bulletin. The difficulty with FindArticles is that it doesn't have a browsing facility on a given journal, so one has to proceed by a series of searches. Anyway, these all courtesy of Gail Dawson's searches, for which many thanks:

"Why Does the Gospel of Mark Begin As It Does?"
Author/s: Santiago Guijarro
Issue: Spring, 2003

"Healing stories and medical anthropology: a reading of Mark 10:46-52"
Author/s: Santiago Guijarro
Issue: Fall, 2000

"Rethinking the Judean past: questions of history and a social archaeology of memory in the first book of the Maccabees"
Author/s: Mario I. Aguilar
Issue: Summer, 2000

"Jesus, healer of the Canaanite woman's daughter in Matthew's gospel: a social-scientific inquiry."
Author/s: Stuart L. Love
Issue: Spring, 2002

"Exegetical eschatology, the peasant present and the final discourse genre: the case of Mark 13."
Author/s: Bruce J. Malina
Issue: Summer, 2002

"Improving Bible translations: the example of sickness and healing."
Author/s: John J. Pilch
Issue: Winter, 2000

"Spaces and places, whence and whither, homes and rooms: 'territoriality' in the Fourth Gospel."
Author/s: Jerome H. Neyrey
Issue: Summer, 2002

"Time, communion, and ancestry in African biblical interpretation: a contextual note on 1 Maccabees 2:49-70. "
Author/s: Mario I. Aguilar
Issue: Fall, 2002

"The construction of Galilee as a place for the historical Jesus-Part I"
Author/s: Halvor Moxnes
Issue: Spring, 2001

"The construction of Galilee as a place for the historical Jesus--part II."
Author/s: Halvor Moxnes
Issue: Summer, 2001

"Interpreting the Bible with the Value Orientations Model: History and Prospects"
Author/s: John J. Pilch
Issue: Summer, 2002

"Jesus was not an egalitarian: A critique of an anachronistic and idealist theory."
Author/s: John H. Elliott
Issue: Summer, 2002

"What kind of canon do the lectionaries constitute?"
March 22 2000 by Gerard S. Sloyan

" 'Thus faith comes from what is heard' (Romans 10:17): how much of the Bible do people hear?"
June 22 2002 by Gerard S. Sloyan

Plenty to feast on here! I'm particularly pleased to be able to access Elliott's piece on "Jesus was not an egalitarian". I'd recently read the second part of this on early Christianity, which was published in Biblical Interpretation, I think this year, and the first part in BTB has been on my reading list. It's a provocative critique of a current trend in Historical Jesus (and other NT) studies, especially Crossan & Schuessler Fiorenza but also others.

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