Friday, September 12, 2003

More Biblical Theology Bulletin Journals

Here's the next batch, also courtesy of Gail Dawson's searches. If anyone has the time to do further searches, or comes across others of interest to NT scholarship, let me know and I'll post a notice here. In the meantime, I'll need to index these on their respective pages on the NTGateway (with the exceptions of the book reviews, which I don't as a rule index on the NTGateway -- would expand the site out of all proportion):

"Drinking Blood at a Kosher Eucharist? The Sound of Scholarly Silence"
Author/s: Michael J. Cahill
Issue: Winter, 2002

"Paul and the Victims of His Persecution: the Opponents in Galatia"
Author/s: Richard B. Cook
Issue: Winter, 2002

"John H. Elliott, 1 Peter: an appreciation." (Book Review)
Author/s: Paul J. Achtemeier
Issue: Fall, 2002

"The widow: homeless and post-menopausal." (term "widow" in the Bible)
Author/s: Carolyn S. Leeb
Issue: Winter, 2002

"Zechariah's unbelief and early Jewish-Christian relations: the form and structure of Luke 1:5-25 as a clue to the narrative agenda of the Gospel of Luke."
Author/s: Steven R. Harmon
Issue: Spring, 2001

"One form of social exchange or two? 'Euergetism,' patronage, and testament studies." (Roman and Greek ideas of patronage)
Author/s: Stephan J. Joubert
Issue: Spring, 2001

"How unclean were tax-collectors?"
Author/s: Hyam Maccoby
Issue: Summer, 2001

"Matthew 6:9-13//Luke 11:2-4: an eschatological prayer?"
Author/s: Jeffrey B. Gibson
Issue: Fall, 2001

"Opening blind eyes: a revisioning of Mark 8:22-10:52."
Author/s: Marie Noel Keller
Issue: Winter, 2001

"The Jesus Movement and social network analysis: (part II. The social network)."
Author/s: Dennis C. Duling
Issue: Spring, 2000

"Jesus' eating transgressions and social impropriety in the gospel of Mark: a social scientific approach"
Author/s: Dietmar Neufeld
Issue: Spring, 2000

"Editorial dilemma: the interpolation of 1 Cor 14:34-35 in the western manuscripts of D, G and 88."
Author/s: D.W. Odell-Scott
Issue: Summer, 2000

"Hyam Maccoby, Ritual and Morality: the Ritual Purity System and Its Place in Judaism." (Book Review)
Author/s: John F. Craghan
Issue: Fall, 2000

"Of what charges? (Luke 16:1-2)." (parable of the dishonest steward)
Author/s: John G. Lygre
Issue: Spring, 2002

"The Bride of Christ (Ephesians 5:22-33): a problematic wedding."
Author/s: Carolyn Osiek
Issue: Spring, 2002

"Andries van Aarde, Fatherless in Galilee: Jesus as a Child of God." (Book Review)
Author/s: Robert L. Mowery
Issue: Summer, 2002

"John Paul Heil, The Transfiguration of Jesus: Narrative Meaning and Function of Mark 9:2-8, Matthew 17:1-8, and Luke 9:28-36." (Book Review)
Author/s: John F. Craghan
Issue: Summer, 2002

"Networks and exchanges: Ephesians 4:7-16 and the community function of teachers."
Author/s: Peter W. Gosnell
Issue: Winter, 2000

"Titus: epistle of religious revitalization."
Author/s: Kenneth D. Tollefson
Issue: Winter, 2000

"Thomas L. Brodie, The Crucial Bridge: the Elijah-Elisha Narrative as an Interpretive Synthesis of Genesis-Kings and a Literary Model for the Gospels." (Book Review)
Author/s: Robert Karl Gruse
Issue: Winter, 2000

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